Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We highly value the privacy of our users ' personal information. Using all the available features of the network in working with Internet resources, you can be absolutely calm about the safety of personal information.

The data that users provide when filling out the registration form or during other manipulations are used only in cases stipulated in the "Consent to the mailing list". Primarily, personal information is used for the preparation of special Products and Services. There are also clauses in the agreement that stipulate special cases when some data may be transferred to third parties.

Data required for the site

The data required for the service is the items that are filled in in the registration form, namely the Name and E-mail. Thus, the user voluntarily agrees to receive emails from the online store shop. stopmo. club.

Purpose of collecting personal information

User information is used to send orders, as well as mailing lists to email addresses. The name that is specified in the registration form is required for a personal request. In a letter from the company, you will receive information about products and promotions.

All the information provided is not shared with third parties. An exception to this rule can only be the fulfillment of legal requirements, which is provided for in the Agreement. Personal data of users is stored on special servers of Unisender, where all information is protected and can be used only in the cases specified in the Agreement.

The user has the right to unsubscribe from the mailing list. Then his name and email address will be automatically deleted from the database. To do this, just one mouse click on the corresponding item, which is in each received email.

How personal data is used

Website uses Cookies and information about users of the Google Analytics service.

They are used to collect data about the movements of visitors on the site. Such control makes it possible to improve and improve the work of the resource. This approach allows you to better focus on the preferences of visitors and create content that interests users.

In the settings of each browser, you can prohibit the sending of Cookies or specify the need to confirm each sending. These actions, of course, will keep you from spreading information about your movements on the network, but some sites and features will not be available.

Personal data protection

To ensure the confidentiality of user information, we apply various security measures, including administrative, managerial and technical ones. In accordance with international standards of control, we not only collect data, but also take full responsibility for their safety. Every employee of our company is aware of the importance of complying with the necessary control measures, as well as the norms and instructions adopted in the Agreement.

But, despite the high level of ensuring the safety of your personal data, the user also needs to adhere to certain rules. When working on the Internet, be careful not to share your personal data.

Our developers do everything possible to prevent the possibility of information leakage, unjustified use and modification of personal data. But no Internet service can provide a 100% guarantee, since no one is immune from illegal hacking of the system. A hacker attack can create conditions for other people to obtain data.

If certain points of the privacy policy are changed, all users will receive notifications about these changes to their email address. To find out any questions directly with the site administration, you can send an email to